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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wes' 9 month appointment

Wes had his 9 month well baby check today. His stats were as follows:

Weight: 19lbs 12ozs - 32nd percentile
Height: 28.25 inches - 44th percentile
Head Circumference: 17.5 inches - 23rd percentile

So he is moving up a little on his growth curve. Still a little shrimp.
I braved this appointment on my own with both kids, so I didn't even try to bring the camera. So no pics, sorry.

Wes got one more shot, which he was not happy about. But he calmed pretty quickly once he realized that we weren't going to sneak another one in on him. The doctor also ordered a blood draw to test him for a panel of allergies. Hopefully this will give us a clue as to what, for sure, is causing his never-ending rash. The doctor said he'd be surprised if it was yogurt because he doesn't seem to have a problem with his milk-based formula. So now I just don't know.

Wes' appointment was right in the middle of his nap time, so once he got the shot and calmed down a bit, he was fast asleep before we even made it back to the car. We then drove over to the lab, and he slept peacefully in his stroller through the registration and in the waiting room. I got him out of him out of the stroller and sat him up in my lab when they were ready to take his blood, and he just rested his head on my arm and kept sleeping. I didn't want him to be rudely awoken by a needle, so I jostled him a bit to bring him to.

The lab brought in a few phlebotomists to hold him down, search for veins, and start the poking. Everyone was expecting a screaming child, so we were all surprised when he just kinda sat there and watched with mild interest. They had to use two different technicians and try multiple times on each arm. He didn't cry. Just sat and watched. One of the phlebotomists asked gravely "so he's a really sick kid, huh?" and I just had to laugh because he's not normally so lifeless. I explained that he wasn't sick at all- it was just an allergy panel. That lightened the mood and they joked that all parents should bring kids in really, really sleepy.

We should get the results of his blood test back in a few days. Hopefully they are pretty clear so that we don't have to do more testing. I hate blood draws, even if Wes doesn't seem to mind. Plus, I don't want to press my luck that it would go that well a second time.

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