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My name is Lauren, and I live in the bubble. I am wife to Marshall, the biggest BYU fan in the world; and mother to Carly, our big girl, and Wes, our wild man, and Calvin, our new addition. I graduated BYU with a degree in Social Work, and I went forth to serve at LDS Family Services. I like scrapbooking and going out to eat at nice restaurants. I am fascinated by new cleaning products at the grocery store, so I have to shop in wide circles around the perimeter to avoid the temptation to buy. I love chocolate.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Conversations with Carly

- I was changing her diaper (yes...diaper...don't get me started) at my in-laws' house in California. I spotted a spider crawling on the carpet next to her. I whisked her out of the way and smashed the spider with her diaper. She asked what I was doing, and I told her I killed a spider. She then said "Whoa, there's danger all around!"

- Carly ate a few powdered donuts, and then looked in the mirror and announced "my face is a donut!"

- We bought Carly a BYU football uniform last week, and as soon as she had it on, she decided it was a baseball uniform. She picked up and imaginary bat, and an imaginary ball, tossed the ball up in the air and hit it, and then demanded that we all "run around the bases...really fast!" A little part of Marshall died.

- Marshall made the genius move of buying Carly a Nerf sword. So one of her new favorite pastimes is to hack Marshall with the sword until he lies down and pretends to be dead. Then she relishes hacking off each of his limbs one at a time. We've trained a warrior. She now can often be heard yelling out "I will kill you!" or "I will cut you!" I wonder how that will go over once she gets to Kindergarten...

- Carly loves figuring out what color people's eyes are. Yesterday she studied my eyes until she determined that "Mommy, you have green eyes. Just like a frog!"

- In an attempt to get her to clean her room, I threatened to throw all her toys away. She thought this was a great idea, and got out a trash bag. When I came back to check on her, she was picking up toys, one by one, and saying "goodbye block...goodbye bear...goodbye puzzle" and throwing them in the trash bag. They're in the laundry room and she hasn't asked for them back yet. Threats don't scare this child.

- Whenever I vacuum, Carly gets really excited and declares "The kids are coming over!" I find it sad that I vacuum infrequently enough that she thinks I only do it before playgroup.

- The other day she was just yelling. Lots of noise. Pointless noise. Just to be noisy (Marshall's family assures me this is a trait she inherited from him). I told her to calm it down and be quiet! She said "But mom, I'm being fortissimo!" Is there such a thing as too much Little Einsteins?


HappyEm said...

I loved this! I read them all, laughed out loud, read them all to Mike and we both laughed out loud together. What a cute girl, miss you all lots!

Lauren said...

Miss you too, and can't wait to read the stories about your little guy once he gets here!

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