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Friday, April 01, 2011

I know it's April Fool's Day

But this is no prank!

#3 should be here sometime around November 17th this year, if all goes well.  Right now he/she is busy growing and getting stronger, and has a strong heartbeat of 120 beats per minute.  And he/she's the size of a small blueberry- 1/3 of an inch right now. 

This pregnancy was a complete surprise, and got off to a nerve wracking start because my symptoms included, well, nothing.  I shouldn't say nothing- I am tired all the time.  But I feel great!  No nausea, no heartburn, no food aversions.  My pregnancies are generally on the easier end of the spectrum, but I've only had one other pregnancy with so few symptoms, and I lost that one.  So I was a bit nervous. 

We've closely monitored my progress so far, and had our first ultrasound last week.  That just freaked me out more, because things looked smaller than we thought they should, and there was no heartbeat.  Plus BYU lost that day too- just a bad day all around.  But we went back yesterday afternoon, and this time we saw what we wanted.  A significantly larger baby, and a strong heartbeat!  And a bonus, it's not ectopic!  Yay! 

We are now 7weeks and feeling confident and optimistic.  I'm finally letting myself enjoy the lack of an urge to throw up, for however long it lasts.  And more and more people know- so we thought it was a good time to share with the rest of you.

So I hope you had a happy April Fool's day, and I promise, this one's no joke. 

I'll leave you with the sweetest thing I've seen all week- look at that little heart go! The video is only like 2 seconds long, but just look where I labeled the heart in the picture.

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