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Monday, April 12, 2010

California 3/10

The week before Easter, we took a trip out to visit Marshall's family in northern California. We had finally made the transition this last winter to only visiting one family a Christmas holiday, so that our trips aren't such hurried whirlwinds of driving, packing, driving and packing. So this last Christmas, we only visited my family. It was time for another trip to Marsh's home town.

We arrived in time for a few family events, including a funeral and a baby shower. Unfortunately we missed the biggest event of all- Kalen's first birthday. But we had a nice time anyway.

We got to visit Kiernan's new Rocklin apartment. Love it! It has a fantastic backyard. I am now super jealous and even more committed to moving somewhere with a fenced, private yard.

Carly, Marshall, cousin Rachel holding Wes, 2nd cousins Brianna and Bladen.

This trip was also Wes' debut meeting just about all of Marshall's family. He got to meet just about all of Marsh's aunts and uncles, and many of his cousins. He was a big hit. How can he not be? Have you seen how cute this kid is?

He really doesn't like grass.

With Kalen.

With Great-Grammie.

We took the kids to an Easter egg hunt at Marsh's home ward. Carly, ever the shark, was pretty dominant and focused in getting those eggs. One egg had a ticket to pick out a big "prize" at the prize table. We went over and looked at the sunglasses, and large chocolate rabbits and other toys. But Carly would not be convinced to pick anything other than a little marshmallow rabbit. The smallest, lamest prize there. Really? A peep? Up against a chocolate rabbit??!! You're not my daughter.

Look at that stash.

Kalen was not a fan of E. Bunny.

We also took the kids to magic mountain. I didn't think there would be a lot for kids to do at magic mountain, but boy, was I wrong! It was like a zoo, only with rides! We saw the killer whale show, the tiger show, the dolphin show, the exotic bird show. After the killer whales, nothing else was very impressive to Carly. We were watching the exotic birds, and I asked her "aren't those cool?" and she said "No. I wanna go see the big fishy again." Tough audience.

Halfway through magic mountain, I was feeling pretty poorly. So I had to go home and try to not throw up. I was bummed to miss out on the rest of the day's activities. But it ended up being good, I think, because this provided Wes with his first opportunity to have the Andrews Grandparents' undivided attention. Carly got a lot of one on one time as a baby. And Kalen gets her grandparents all the time. But Wes had never been around Grandpa and Grandma without the girls around. So it was good that while I slept off whatever I had caught, Grandma and Grandpa A got a chance to learn all of Wes' little cues.

While I was home sick, Marshall and Kiernan took the girls to Seder Dinner at their cousins' home. I was really looking forward to Seder. I actually invited myself. lol. So I was seriously bummed I had to miss it. But Marshall and Kier had a great time and took lots of pictures. The coolest part was the square hard-boiled eggs. Such a mystery! Also, this picture of Marshall with the bitter herb up his nose. Not really. lol. I hope we can go out and take part in passover some other time.

Marshall, Uncle Michael (and the bitter herb).

Kiernan, the girls, cousin Joel.

Square eggs!

The plagues, in very cute plush form. Check out the boil.

It was a great few days, and reminded me how lucky I am to have such a great family in-law.


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