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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Easter 2010

This year, my mom was visiting for Easter, which was awesome. Especially since Marshall worked the night before and the night of. So he missed the fun Easter-eve activities, and slept most of the day. But my mom and I had a blast, and I think Marshall had fun for the parts he was there for.

The night before, we hard boiled and dyed 2 dozen eggs. Carly was a big helper and we all managed to dye our fingers. Then we put them in the fridge and told Carly the Easter Bunny would hide them the next morning.

This year, Easter Sunday happened to fall on General Conference Sunday. This is one of 2 Sundays a year where every member of our church listens to the same service, which is led by our church leadership. We mostly watch from home in our pajamas on TV or the internet live stream. This year was no different (notice in the pics that the Easter daddy/bunny is wearing 2pm).

We got the kids up and let them destroy their Easter baskets. Carly really got into the holiday this year and understood that the Easter Bunny had snuck into the house to drop off her basket. She really liked the basket, but wasn't so sure about the bunny. The night before, when we were talking about the Easter Bunny, she announced that she didn't like him, and didn't want him to see her while she was sleeping. I think that is a reasonable concern.

After opening Easter Baskets, we enjoyed a breakfast of chopped fruit salad and yogurt while listening to the beautiful music of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and hearing the words of our Prophet. It was a great morning!

That afternoon, we woke Marshall up so that he could go play bunny and hide the eggs. It had snowed that morning, so it was COLD outside. But the snow had melted off, and we had to do the egg hunt. Marshall grumbled about it, but I think he always has a really great time hiding eggs, despite the temperature. Then we took Carly and Wes out and let them hunt.

Carly did a great job. She is really quick, and pretty competitive. It's a race in our house, a real sporting event. The previous week we took her to a community egg hunt, and she did the best of the 18 month- 3 year category. By best I mean she picked up the most eggs. We all know it's not really a competition. ;)

My mom makes Carly a cute Easter outfit every year, and this year it was this adorable little skirt. She also brought Carly these "princess gloves" which she refused to take off the rest of the day.

Wes. Well, Wes has an aversion to grass. He won't crawl on it. If we put him down on the grass on all fours, he'll do his best to balance on 3 limbs while holding one hand as far from the grass as possible. So he didn't do much egg hunting this year. Look out for him next year though!

I gotta say, Carly was pretty disappointed once she realized the eggs really only were eggs. As she was gathering them she was gloating aloud about how much candy she was going to find inside. Poor kid. But mommy and grandma sure were happy with all the deviled eggs and egg salad. mm mm mmm!


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