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My name is Lauren, and I live in the bubble. I am wife to Marshall, the biggest BYU fan in the world; and mother to Carly, our big girl, and Wes, our wild man, and Calvin, our new addition. I graduated BYU with a degree in Social Work, and I went forth to serve at LDS Family Services. I like scrapbooking and going out to eat at nice restaurants. I am fascinated by new cleaning products at the grocery store, so I have to shop in wide circles around the perimeter to avoid the temptation to buy. I love chocolate.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

2 Years

Carly, our big girl, turned 2 years old back when I was great with child and much too tired to consider blogging. I am still very tired, but realize I need to blog now or it will never happen.

For Carly's birthday, we were fortunate enough to have Grandma and Grandpa Erickson and Grandma Andrews and Aunt Kier out to visit. We had a nice little party where Carly received so many gifts that by the end she really could care less about opening them all and just wanted to get up and run! You know you got spoiled on your birthday when you actually get to the point of being bored opening them all.

The highlight of the gifts would have to be between 2 awesome presents: the beautiful handmade quilt from Grandma Erickson, and the awesome tricycle from Grandma Andrews, Aunt Kiernan, Uncle Russ and Star.

We also had an awesome pinata that Carly was still a little too young (or passive) to really get into. She was more content to watch Daddy and the older kids.

It was an awesome day!

I can't believe how big this little girl has gotten. What a wonderful 2 years it has been. She has changed our lives in everyway, and we always say that we can't believe we ever thought we were happy or fulfilled before she came along. We didn't really start living until the day she was born.

We love you, Carly!

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