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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bountiful Baskets

A few months ago, a friend of mine posted about Bountiful Baskets in Washington state. I was totally jealous, and wished for a second I lived in Washington. But then I did my homework and discovered that Bountiful Baskets are available in a few states, including Utah, Arizona, Idaho, and Nevada!

Bountiful Baskets are a co-op group of volunteers who get wholesale prices on grocery store quality food. The premise is that you will volunteer once in a while to help with distribution, and in exchange people can get a TON of great produce for very cheap.

I tried it for the first time the Easter Saturday, and I was very impressed!

This was what was in my basket: 9 ears of corn, a clam shell of strawberries, a clam shell of blackberries, 3 yellow squash, 5 or 6 sweet potatos, 2 onions, a head of romaine, a pineapple, 6 tomatos, a head of broccoli, a bunch of bananas, 6 oranges, and 8 apples.

We have had wonderful fresh produce all week! Well, for 2 weeks, because this was enough to last us quite a while.

And how much did this all cost? 15 dollars.

I am hooked. I ordered my next basket today. What is in the basket is always a mystery. But there is a facebook group with recipes, and hopefully if I get something unusual I can just learn to cook something new.

Now the baskets are available at pre-determined locations for like a half hour on Saturday mornings only. If you don't show up to get your food on time, they'll donate it to a local fire station. There are also only a certain number of baskets at each location, so once all 30 or 40 baskets have been purchased, that location is no longer available as a pick-up site. You order and pay for your baskets on Monday and Tuesday. So if you are interested, go order yours today! There are currently 13 spots still available in Orem, for instance.

A tip- bring a large laundry basket or a bunch of bags to carry your produce in. Last week I brought 3 plastic grocery bags, and I just barely fit it all. This week, I think I'll take a large basket or 2 Ikea bags.

Happy cooking!


Naomi said...

That is so cool! There is actually a pick up just down the street. But there weren't any available around here when I got on. Maybe next week! Thanks for the info!

sweets said...

that is great thank you for sharing.

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