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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

9 months

Wes is now 9 months old. And he is cuter than ever!

And he certainly will no longer lie down next to that football.

He hasn't had his 9 month appointment yet, so those stats are still to come. But he is in size 3 diapers and wearing 6-9 month old clothing and some 9-12 month. I think he may have grown a few percentiles, because it doesn't seem likely he'd still just be hovering around 30%.

- Wes still loves to crawl. And he's starting to get very fast. He follows me everywhere.

- He hates crawling on cold ground with bare legs. So he has a hard time with the kitchen floor in the mornings. But it is really cute, because his solution is to crawl on his hands and toes, with his knees as far from the offending ground as possible.

- He likewise hates grass. Well, I don't know that hate is the right word. But he would rather not touch it. So when placed on all fours on the grass, he'll look slightly distressed and keep his non-essential hand as far from that prickly grass as possible.

- Wes is now pulling up and cruising. Just like with Carly, soon as he could crawl, he had higher goals in sight. Now he'll crawl over and stand using just about anything to support him. The couch, the wall, the rocking ottoman, the tv, my legs. I have a feeling we may see walking in the next month or two.

- Was has 2 teeth now. And no more on the immediate horizon.

- Wes still loves to growl. To express anything and everything. He and Marshall will get in these yelling/growling contests. It is so cute, and very loud. He just thinks he is so fearsome!

- Wes is now eating a lot of different table foods. Mostly the same foods as the purees I made, but now just steamed and cut up small. I am also giving him little bites of whatever we are having.

- He is also eating anything and everything he can find on the ground. That pincer grasp and really developed! And I find I am a much more laid back mom than I was with Carly at this age. He eats a stick or a leaf, I just shrug and know it will come out in a diaper tomorrow. Really my only worries are things he could choke on.

- We have discovered that Wes is sensitive to yogurt. Maybe all dairy? But yogurt for sure. In 3 test trials, he got a horrible red rash all 3 times. Including with the yogurt melts. I am a little worried about introducing milk in 3 months.

- Wes clearly says mama and dada. And he knows who each title belongs to. He still thinks it is a very funny game to only say "dada" when I ask him to say "mama" in front of an audience. This one has a funny little sense of humor. It is obviously deliberate and he smiles and is all pleased with himself at the laughter he gets in response.

- He has still got the cute blue eyes and the blond hair. I actually had someone comment the other day about how much hair he has, a new experience for me since my last baby was bald forever.

- After our trip out to California, Wes picked up some of cousin Kalen's expressive faces. He now LOVES to scrunch up his eyes and nose and sniff loudly at you.

- He has a 6th sense for finding cords. If there is one unhooked somewhere, he will find it and try to shock himself by sticking the unoccupied end in his mouth. Phone, computer, printer. I'm hoping he outgrows this quickly.

He is just about the cutest, most delightful baby ever! I could just eat him up!


Layla said...

Your little boy is so stinkin' cute!

Kalen's Mommy said...

Wow guys! He has gotten even bigger and more adorable since you were out here!! I didn't know he picked up on Kalen's scrunching, sniffing, silly-faces! Just think of all the horrible things she will be able to teach him over the years!

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