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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

I LOVE our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. It gives me the opportunity to do my favorite "photo shoot" of the year. I plan outfits, hair, time of day we go. It's quite the production, and I get my favorite photos of the year. The trip is honestly more about the photos than any of the attractions.

Well this year our trip was an epic fail. We went and bought sweaters, picked a clear day, and drove to our local patch. Unfortunately it was cold. Not October cold- it was dead of winter cold. Shockingly cold. Immediate face numbing cold. We stepped out of the car in the parking lot and had to stiffle choice words, the shock was so immediate and surprising. And windy. Which made it colder. I strongly considered getting right back into the car and driving home, but Marshall knew how important those pictures were, and he knew what stress I had put the family through today in preparation, so we decided to at least try.

We found one location, took pictures of two poses, and then both kids fell completely apart.

Suprisingly, we actually got a few good pictures out of the 3 minutes worth of shooting.

When we finally made it back to the car and let our faces defrost, this was how Wes expressed his feelings about the torture we just put him through...

I'm excited for next year. Hopefully we don't wait until after snow has already fallen on the pumpkins.


sweets said...

way cute pic's even in the cold.

Kim said...

Yeah, that 5th picture down is killing me! Carly looks like she is frozen solid. They are dang cute though..good job despite the crappy weather.

Naomi said...

I am laughing so hard of the pic of Wes! They turned out pretty good and love the outfits!

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