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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Carly vs. the hotel

Have you ever taken a 2 year old to a hotel? It can be interesting.

First, when we got there, the elevator doors tried to eat Carly. Literally. A guy was holding the door, and I jumped on, overriding the closing mechanism. Then we overrode the doors closing again loading some bags on. I had my foot in the door and the elevator started beeping at me. And the doors started closing despite my efforts to pull them open again. Apparently you can only override the doors' desire to close so many times. Carly, who was outside the doors, got very upset that the doors were closing me in and her out, so she decided to make a break for it and run through the doors. With the doors rapidly closing and a small 10 inch gap becoming smaller, she tried to shoulder her way in. I saw her life flash before my eyes as I tried to yank the doors open. Marshall (outside) dropped the bag he was slinging and grabbed her out of the way of certain death. Wes and I had to ride the elevator up to our floor, and Marshall and Carly shortly followed. When she reached me, she was still sobbing and very visibly shaken and upset. Poor kid spent the rest of the trip gingerly jumping through the elevator doors as quickly as possible lest she be eaten once again.

In our room we had pack-n-play style cribs for each kid to sleep in. The problem with this is that Carly is old enough to climb in and out at will. This led to a very sleepless first night in Las Vegas, as Carly thought it was a party and the whole room was her playground. We were exhausted and spent a number of hours drowsily commanding her to stay in her bed before falling asleep. We were awoken at 5 am by the sound of running water. Carly's bed was empty except for her pajamas and diaper. We found her in the bathroom happily giving herself a bath.

We spent one afternoon by the pool eating lunch. I sat with Wes on a lounge chair and Marshall and Carly were swimming. I was having a chicken caesar salad. Carly loves salad. Soon Carly, too, was having chicken caesar salad. By the handful. While walking back and forth to the hot tub to visit daddy. Eventually the pool was having chicken caesar salad too. What can I say, we're bad guests and lazy parents. Or, we were on vacation and didn't want to fight with her, so sure, bring handfuls of croutons into the hot tub. Why not.

One day, Carly had a meltdown in the lobby. She was laying on the ground having her tantrum and I very calmly told her that she could cry all she wanted, but that I wouldn't recommend laying on the ground because the ground was where people's dirty shoes went and the ground was icky. The next day we were walking through the lobby again when Marshall and I noticed we were minus one in our party. We looked back and Carly was standing at the border between the tile and carpet yelling at us. "I NOT walk on carpet. It icky. You carry me! It ICKY! I NOT walk!" We couldn't convince her that the carpet wasn't icky. We had to go back and pick her up and carry her highness across the lobby.

Like I said, 2 year olds and hotels. Interesting.


Maranda said...

You have the best stories!

Naomi said...

What an adventure! I love how you tell the stories I feel like I am there lol

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