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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

When reality TV becomes beneficial

My dad was on his way out to visit, trying to catch a flight out of LAX. He was running late, and Delta wouldn't let him on even though the flight didn't take off for another half hour. He was frantic (doesn't deal well with stress) and waiting in a line for Delta's service agent who reassigns flights. The line was at least 40 minutes long, but the last flight that day left in an hour.

He and my mom were calling back and forth, stressing and not sure what to do. They were checking ticketing websites, but didn't want to pay $400 for the last minute ticket. They also didn't want to just lose the money invested in the flight he missed. How could he get to the front of the line? How many seats were left on that flight? How many people in front of him in line wanted the same limited seats on that flight?

But I have a secret weapon.

I am a reality TV addict.

One of those shows is The Amazing Race. It's the finest tutorial on booking last minute airfare around.

"I'll call Delta" I offered. "Sure, why not" they said.
I don't think they thought I'd be able to do much.

3 minutes later, my dad hadn't moved an inch in line. But he was confirmed for the last coach ticket on the 6pm flight. And it didn't cost a dime- they just transferred the ticket. The ticket lady didn't even charge the 50 dollar transfer fee. I'm that good.

Moral: everyone should watch Reality TV. You learn a lot of useful stuff. Either that, or you should have a friend you can call who is a reality TV addict. It's useful when stuck in line at the airport. I kinda feel bad for all those other people who just waited in line and didn't get on that flight. They must not have had such useful knowledge or friends.


Malinda Jane Sieg said...

That is hilarious! Way to go! I'm going to keep you on speed dial next time I travel. :)

Ryan and Maranda said...

Wow, that's awesome! It's great to have friends who are in the know. I'll remember that!

Megan Miley and Chris said...

I will be calling you next time that happens!

Kim said...

I definitely am a reality tv junkie too. How in the world did you manage that though?? I flew with Delta to Nauvoo and had called them a few times in advance for various things and never got anything accomplished. Rude people.

Lauren said...

I just called and explained to the lady exactly what I was hoping could happen. I knew which flight we wanted, I knew there was only one seat left (at least according to expedia) and asked her if we could get that seat using the money from the flight missed. She was like "sure!" Then it actually felt like amazing race when she was like "I just have to snag it off the computer before someone online or in the terminal gets second, one second, okay we got it!" Then she was sweet and didn't charge me the extra fee. So maybe it wasn't me that was all that amazing... I just got a great phone rep.

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