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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More baby blankets

So I've been learning to sew baby blankets. I like sewing baby blankets. It takes me forever, and there are a lot of flaws. But they are all I can do. They're all straight lines, which I can kinda handle.

Emily had a little guy, Heath, a couple months ago. I had had the fabric to make her blanket for a while, but was intimidated to start because I hate sewing on minky. Its slippery, and sheds, and bunches, and never lays flat. But I had an idea in mind and was committed to do it. So I finally got it done, and sent it off to her. Now that she has received it, I can blog the pictures without ruining the surprise. I am proud of myself because this involved a lot of measuring and extra sewing since I used 3 fabrics (a first for me).

Maranda is due with a baby girl, name tbd, in a couple weeks. I found this cute fabric and knew it had to go to her little girl. This blanket is more basic, just 2 fabrics and both flannel. But it is probably my best yet and took the least amount of time to make. I could tell I was getting better, and think it turned out cute. She just had her shower last weekend, so no surprise ruined here either.

I also (not so recently) made a blanket for Breann's little Amelia. I forgot to take good pictures of it before I gave to her at her shower. But I did get some pics on my cell phone. Sorry about the bad quality. The blanket was flannel on one side, brown furry minky (same as Heath's border) on the other. This was a beast to sew! That brown minky is the devil, and I don't think I'll be using it again.

But now the surprise is ruined for everyone else. If you invite me to a baby shower, you'll most likely get a beginner quality home made blanket.


HappyEm said...

Heath loves his Dino blanket, and the minky is totally worth the pain of sewing it, it is so snuggly perfect. thanks so much!

sweets said...

so cute you did a good job.

Ryan and Maranda said...

Oh my gosh, I seriously love, love, LOVE the blanket you made me! I've already washed it and designated it to go with her in her car seat everywhere! Thank you sooo much!!

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