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Monday, August 23, 2010

I hate p90x

Okay, so hate is a strong word. And I probably won't feel that way next week. But let me tell you- if I don't hate p90x, then at least it must hate me.

Saturday morning I lamely attempted the plyometrics video. And no one part was particularly hard on its own. A bunch of little squat here, jump there and "you can do anything for 30 seconds!"

Yes, yes I can. Then my legs can stop working, and I can feel like dying.

I thought I might feel better the next day.

I feel worse.

My quads are like stiff wobbly jello (is that even possible?) Wobbly for complete lack of control over those muscles; my legs have mutinied. Stiff for fear. Just getting up off the couch and hobbling to the fridge is enough pain to make me reconsider eating. Ever. Maybe that's the real trick of the program- movement causes so much pain that you have to really reconsider if that bowl of cereal is worth it. And wahlah! 15 lbs lost!

I haven't been this incapacitated by physical pain, and my body's refusal to move through said pain, since Carly's birth. Maybe some day I'll post about Carly's birth. Then you can all feel really bad for me. And then you'll remember this post, and feel really really bad for me.

In the mean time, once my legs return to some amount of function, I will continue on in my attempt to develop peaceful feelings toward p90x.


Megan C. said...

I did p90x for about 7 weeks and lost 9 lbs. I'm pretty sure that the Plyometrics workout is the absolute worst! The whole time I did it, I was filled with hatred toward Tony and wanted to throw things at the TV. The other workouts didn't elicit such an extreme reaction. Hopefully you can find a happier workout experience!

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