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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Carly lately

Yes, this is just a compilation of a bunch of facebook statuses (stati?) from the last 2 months. And yes, most of you are my facebook friends and will be totally bored reading this. But my blog is bound & printed, and my facebook page is not. And these are the cute moments I want to recount later on and share at Carly's wedding. So here you go:

- One rainy day, Carly asked if we could go play on the playground. I explained that it rained today, so the sand would be all wet. She brought me a towel and said she would dry it all off before playing in it.

- Carly is starting to explore her girly side. I have caught her, on multiple occasions, standing on the toilet so she can see in the mirror while applying my makeup, or a chapstick, or one time it was brushing her hair with a fork (too much little mermaid?). The funniest part is that she doesn't know I'm watching, but will talking to herself about how very pretty she is.

- I love that Marshall paints Carly's nails. Fingers and toes. He has done it 2 or 3 times now, and she is so smitten with him for it. I hardly have the patience to do her nails, and am too OCD to even do my own.

- I love even more that Carly snuck up on Marshall while he was sleeping and managed to paint a few of his nails. Marsh woke to Carly informing him he now had pretty nails, and on closer inspection, she was right!

- One day Carly was whining, so I did my usual "you want some cheese with that whine?" She immediately proclaimed "I do want some cheese with my whine! You go get me cheese!"

- Carly is now a self-feeder. Meaning she doesn't wait for me to get her food. If she wants to eat, she'll go to the fridge and eat whatever she can reach. On at least 3 occasions in the last couple months I have found her gnawing on the block of cheese. Usually hiding in her bedroom. This week it was her + a carton of chocolate ice cream on the kitchen floor. Another time it was a cold hotdog. Apparently she didn't want to wait for dinner. Or for me to cook it for her.

- Carly is starting to love weddings. She talks all the time about how she is going to get big, and go to the temple, and marry daddy, and wear a pretty dress, and have flowers, and dance! And then repeat. She'll talk about her imaginary wedding over and over, more excited each time.

- She is so darn smart. I have this little book my mom made for me when I was a baby. It has a picture of me, and my crib, and my cat, parents, grandparents, etc. Carly loves looking at it. And telling me all about how I used to be a baby, but now I'm big! And how that is the crib I slept in when I was a baby, and that was my pet kitty. And that was my mommy, but now she is grandma. And that was my daddy, but now he is grandpa! And those other people are my grandma's and grandpa's. I think we looked through it once together and I explained it to her. But I never thought she'd get that concept or remember who the people really were in the book.

- I put Carly in time-out yesterday, and explained to her that she was going to sit there because she had kicked Wes in the head. She quickly corrected me, "No I didn't! I kicked Wes in the FACE!"

- Today during the passing of the Sacrament, I leaned over and said something to Marshall. Carly loudly hushed me and then whispered "You have to be very quiet! We're supposed to think about Jesus right now."


Wenona said...

I wasn't bored at all reading these. In fact, some were too good to keep to myself so I read them to Glenn too. We both laughed. Carly is great!

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