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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The best husband ever

I have blogged many times about what a great dad Marshall is. Because it's true. I've never met a guy who was a better dad than Marshall is to our kids. He is amazing. Which makes me a lucky girl.

But there are other reasons I am lucky too... he is an amazing husband.

I think amazing husband and amazing father go hand in hand. I am inclined to believe that you can't have one without the other. If your husband is a good husband, he is (or will be) also an amazing dad. I just can't see how a guy who has the status of "amazing" in his relationship with his wife would be capable of showing less love and adoration for his kids.

And in order to be a truly great dad, a man MUST be a great husband. To not be loving, kind, and faithful to his children's mother, is to not give the very best to his kids. I love the quote by President David O. McKay, where he says "The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother." It really says it all.

This last week, Marshall once again reminded me what a lucky lucky girl I am.

He had been telling me for a couple weeks that he had gotten a babysitter so that we could go to the temple on the 17th of June. I thought it was sweet that he had planned a date night. He had arranged for Russ to come watch the kids for a couple hours. When we were getting ready to leave, Marshall kept asking me if we needed to lay pj's out for the kids, or talk to Russ about bedtime. It thought this was odd because we were leaving at 2pm, and would be home by 7 at the latest.

We went to the temple, and had a wonderful time. Then he took me to dinner, which was also a very nice time. We started to head home, and Marshall wasn't driving in the right direction. I asked him where we were going, an he assured me he was trying to find an on ramp. I knew he wasn't going in the right direction, but he gets grouchy when I back-seat-drive, so I just kept my mouth shut. Just when I was getting thoroughly confused, he pulled into the Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake.

Talk about shocking!

He explained that Russ was staying the night with the kids, and that he had overnight items stuffed into his temple bag. I couldn't believe it! I am a such a planner, and I'm pretty nosey. There is not much that goes on in our home that I am not aware of. He had been planning for a month straight, had friends and family in on it, and managed to keep me completely in the dark.

We checked into the hotel, and the desk clerk asked what we were celebrating. (The Anniversary Inn is where people go for their wedding night, or for, well, their anniversaries) Marshall replied "a Thursday night in June."

What a guy!

We had an amazing night staying in the Jungle Safari room. Marshall forgot the camera, but we wanted to show Carly the crocodile in our room, so the next day we went back during their tour hours and took some pictures.

I am the luckiest girl alive. Marshall is an amazing husband and father!


Wenona said...

Oh my gosh. I actually have tears in my eyes. That is so sweet!

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