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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

11 months

Wes turned 11 months 2 weeks ago. This has been a bad blogging month. :(

Anyway, here's the update!

- Wes is now walking! Yay! He took his first independent steps on May 25th, and here is a video I took that day. He now mostly walks, and will toddle after me from room to room.

- Wes has been working on breaking the top 2 middle teeth all month.

- Wes is mostly on finger foods. He still has 4-5 bottles a day, but enjoys eating just about everything we eat, from burritos to scrambled eggs, toast, to sandwiches.

- Wes' hair just keeps getting more curly! And he is still totally blonde.

- Wes is talking more and more, but it is still a lot of babbling.

- Wes is pretty easy going and will go to anyone. But he prefers daddy to just about anyone and lights up when he sees him.

- Wes is pretty fearless. He enjoys climbing on things that are entirely too tall for him to be on top of. Lately he's been crawling up onto Carly's bed, and then from Carly's bed onto the toy box, where he'll sit and cry until we get him down, or he'll fall off with a giant thud.

We recently went to the zero-entrance pool, and he was equally as fearless there. He crawled all around the shallows, and would crawl out until his face was under water, and then turn around sputtering and laughing, and then do it again.

- Wes is starting to defend himself against Carly. He pulling hair and slapping. Not the best behavior, but I gotta say I am proud of him for fighting back!

- Wes can hold and use a sippy cup, though we are mostly still using bottles. He enjoys juice and water, though he mostly just gets formula.

- Wes has been coloring a bit this month. He now holds a crayon and will make marks on a paper if given the opportunity. He also eats crayons.

- Wes and Carly are in the same room!!! I can't explain how big of a deal this is. He used to start in her room, and then they'd wake each other up, and he'd come back to our room midway through the night. Now they have been sharing their room full time for almost a month. It has been so nice!

- Wes is still a great sleeper. He sleeps entirely through the night, and takes one nap during the day for 2 hours. I lay him down completely awake and he just rolls over and goes to sleep. He knows the routine.

He is so fun, and so sweet, and so very enjoyable. THIS is my favorite baby age. I say that with every stage, but I really do love the 1 year old phase. They are used to routine and pretty low maintenance, and don't yet talk back or willfully disobey. He's just a big ball of chubby happiness!


Ryan and Maranda said...

I don't comment enough on your blog, but I promise I read every post. Wes is soooo adorable and getting so big! How fun for your family!

Mary said...

Oh my goodness, he is so adorable. Love those big blue eyes!

Kalen's Mommy said...

I just want to eat him up!!!

Amanda and Miles said...

What cute pictures! I love his hair

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