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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Piggy jammies and the offending little piggies

At bedtime, mommy let Carly pick out her own pajamas. Carly had a very specific request: her piggy jammies. Unfortunately she outgrew her piggy jammies last year. But Carly insisted, and mommy dug them out.

Once Carly got them on, she discovered that the piggy jammies hurt her toes. Mommy had a great idea that she had heard from her veteran mommy friends. So she got out a pair of scizzors, and did some jammie surgery.

Carly was devastated!

She kept screaming and crying that she wanted her jammies all fixed. Mommy kept explaining that the piggy jammies were now permanently toe-less. Carly decided in a fit that the only solution was to take the offending toe-less jammies off. Now! Mommy probably wasn't very helpful with all the picture taking of the melt down in progress. The camera went away at this point.

Once the jammies were off, and thrown in the trash, Carly and mommy started from square one picking out new jammies. But at the mention of new jammies, Carly broke down again, deciding that she really did want the piggy jammies. No others would do.

Piggy jammies came out of the trash and back onto her little body. The moment they were all the way on, she looked down and remembered their utter toe-less-ness, and the tantrum ensued once more. Mommy offered to throw them away again, but Carly insisted instead that we needed bandaids, and lots of them. She cried, "Mommy, you fix them? You put on bandaids?" over and over and over again. But me writing this sentence doesn't convey the absolute pathetic tone with which she just sobbed this plea. Mommy assured her that bandaids would not fix the scizzor inflicted wounds. She reminded the hysterical toddler that the toes of the jammies were hurting her own little piggies.

Carly melted into a sobbing heap on the floor. "I don't want to see my toes!" she sobbed.

Solution? Carly went to bed wearing toe-less, 2-size-too-small, piggy jammies with SOCKS over the offending holes.

This had to be one of the most hysterical exchanges I have had to date with my child. It was really hard to be comforting or compassionate to my exhausted baby because I was just laughing way too hard.

That said, I am NOT looking forward to bedtime tomorrow. Those jammies are going to make a quick exit in the morning.


Naomi said...

I have had to do that with Tegan's pjs. They got worn out too soon. So I just cut off the whole foot part underneath the elastic.

peter5 said...

That was hysterical. Thank you for sharing your adventures with her. Makes me feel not alone.


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