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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

8 months

Wes turned 8 months old on the 8th.

We don't see the pediatrician again until his 9 month appointment, so no stats this month. However, we did take him in to the doctor a week and a half ago to check for RSV, and at that time he was 18 lbs!! What a big guy!

- Wes is now crawling! He started 2 weeks ago, and is getting really good at being mobile. He follows me around the house like a puppy. If I walk into another room, I can hear his little pug-like grunting as he hurries to follow me down the hallway. One downside though...he now finds new and inventive ways to bonk his face on things. So the era of bruising begins.

- Wes clicks constantly. He is very talented at this. I don't know how he gets such a clear sound. Maybe it has something to do with not having any teeth, so he can click his tongue really far forward in his mouth. You can tell I have sat around trying to replicate. I have actually spent a lot of time trying to figure out his secret.

- Wes was starting to "mamama" for a while. For a couple days he was mama-ing more than dada. But then Marshall got wind of the new development, worked his voodoo, and once again we are a "dada" only home.

- Wes likes Carly. At least for now. But he really puts up with all of her abuse very well. We had our first instance of Carly trying to carry Wes this month. She just picked him up under his armpits and lugged him across the living room. Freaked. Me. Out. I'm sure there is more of that to come.

- Wes still sleeps well. He can now just be put down in his crib with a blanket, and knows what to do. I'm really lucky here.

- He is still eating more and more babyfood purees. He is learning he can let me know he is done by spitting it back at me. So much fun. Might be time to start baby signing. Less messy.

- Wes got a tooth!! Just one so far, on the bottom left. But the next door neighbor is bulging, so I'm sure it will be here in the next week or two. He cut his tooth last Saturday. He was not very willing to play along with mom trying to get a picture. Luckily, I'm bigger and stronger.

- Wes is really, really good natured. Kiernan and I have a theory that he got all his madness out in his first 2 months of life. He is such a sweet, laid back kid. Especially compared with the grumpy little ball of screaming that he started as. Thank goodness.


Megan C. said...

What cute pictures! He's getting such cute chub! I hear you on the face bonking. I swear Jack gets a new bruise everyday, despite my best efforts. I guess it's a part of life. Oh, and Jack got his first tooth last weekend too! Sounds like they are both on the same track!

Jamie Wagner said...

He is adorable!

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