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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Madness of March

That's right, it's that time again.

The time of year when husbands face off against wives.
When those who could care less about basketball actually check the score.
When non-sport-fans vaguely recognize names like 'Marquette' and 'Butler' from last year, though they don't even have a clue where in the country the campus is located.

It's time for March Madness!

The tradition of competition in our home dates back to that first March of 2004, when Marshall and I were just engaged. Marshall's roommates had a competition, and all who entered their abode were invited to fill out a bracket and tape it to the wall by the front door. Score was kept meticulously by Russ. Rules were interpreted and enforced by Dan. Marsh carefully highlighted winning and losing picks using the trusty green and pink highlighters. Ryan was good enough to play along (I think Maranda did too?).

I spent an hour or so one evening procrastinating homework in order to fill out a bracket. I even researched each match-up to see the strengths versus weaknesses of the opposing teams. I had no clue what a seed was, no idea who was in which conference, and didn't recognize any of the school's names. In fact, I hadn't really been to many college basketball games. But I was a good fiance, and played along to pacify my future husband.

I knew I would lose. I didn't mind that I would lose. I made jokes about how badly I would lose.

I won.

The whole competition.

Yes, and so began the ruthless competition in our home.
2004 - Me
2005 - Me
2006 - Marshall
2007 - Me
2008 - Marshall
2009 - Marshall

2010 - ?
Disclaimer: I didn't win the whole competition each of those years- I was just keeping track between myself and Marshall.

And so here we are, at another year. My bracket is filled out. No longer is it hanging on a wall in VP. We have now all dispersed and need fancier technology to compare scores. Plus it would kinda be awkward if we were still living in VP. So we have an ESPN group where we can all gather and talk trash.

It is the same cast though, plus a few additions from over the years. This year is the biggest group yet!

Would you care to join us? It is always fun to add new blood, and we need more non-sports-fans so that those who pick based on uniform color or cuteness of mascot will not feel left behind. You can join by visiting the "Andrews and Friends" ESPN group. You'll have to create a quick account using your email, and then you can make your picks using whatever strategy you'd like. You have until tip-off Thursday morning to get your bracket submitted. If you want to receive Marshall's round by round analysis of our competition, also get us your email address. You can email me, or leave it in a comment.

I look forward to beating you all!!


Mars said...

I love you.

*star said...

I chose my picks based on how much I liked the school's name. So if the school's name was a state (i.e. Kansas, etc.) I did not pick them. I picked much cooler names like Baylor and Villa Nova. I also picked Duke to be the ultimate champions of the universe because my grandparents last name is Duke.

Unlike Lauren, I know I'm going to lose, and I'm actually confident this will come to pass.

Kalen's Mommy said...

I love you both! And GO TEAM LAUREN!!!

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