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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

While reading one of my favorite blogs today, I was reminded of some of my favorite words about motherhood, found in this Ensign article.

"In a poignant exchange with God, Adam states that he will call the woman Eve. And why does he call her Eve? 'Because she [is] the mother of all living.' (Genesis 3:20; Moses 4:26.). . . Eve was given the identity of 'the mother of all living' --years, decades, perhaps centuries before she ever bore a child. It would appear that her motherhood preceded her maternity. . . I believe mother is one of those very carefully chosen words, one of those rich words--with meaning after meaning after meaning. We must not, at all costs, let that word divide us. I believe with all my heart that it is first and foremost a statement about our nature, not a head count of our children."
-Patricia Holland;
October 1987

Happy Mother's day to ALL the mothers out there. Those who are still childless or struggling with their fertility, who may find pain and bitterness in this day of celebration. To those abounding in little ones, who may be too tired to enjoy today. To those whose children are grown and who are celebrating their own daughters. To those who have borne children they placed lovingly in the arms of others. To my sisters in every stage of life: Happy Mother's Day. Mothering is our nature and our eternal identity and promise. We are all celebrated today in the eternal sense, and I admire you all.

A special Happy Mother's Day to my own mother. You are my best friend, and my greatest teacher. I love you and can't possibly describe how much your influence has meant in my life, or in the life of my own kiddo. We love you Nanners!


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