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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Target: mother's not welcome

I went to target today to try on some maternity swimsuits. When I went to the dressing room to try them on, I was informed that I could not take my cart back into the dressing room with me. I knew there was NO way that my still 1-year-old would just stand beside me politely in the dressing room. She would be crawling under the doors to escape (while I was naked- trying on swimwear, remember). I asked if I could go get my stroller, or take all the merchandise out of the cart. Nope, corporate policy. No carts or strollers in the dressing rooms. What about the family dressing room? Nope. The handicap stall? Nope. So a stroller is a firecode violation (according to the dressing room attendant), but a wheelchair is not? Okay.

I ask to talk to a manager to find out what the truth was behind this corporate policy. As I was walking over to meet with him, another mother with a small baby- maybe 6 months old- walked up with her cart. She was also told she would have to either put her child on the floor of the dressing room, or hold her in her arms while she tried on clothing!

When I spoke to the manager of the store, he confirmed this was Target Corporate policy, and that no strollers or carts are allowed in any dressing rooms. I asked him how he suggested I try on clothing while visiting the store if I had a child that required a form of a cart, such as a baby or toddler. His official response? "Target is not responsible to provide a way for you to try on clothing while in our store."

Question answered.
I won't try on clothing anymore in a Target store.
I guess that means I won't be buying clothing there anymore either.


Megan Miley and Chris said...

And there return policy SUCKS.

Paige said...

Target drives me nuts because the carts are so big and the clothes aisles are so small. Getting around the toddler clothes section is just impossible!

Kim and Devin said...

ohhh, I would be fuming!!

Katie said...

Thanks for the heads up.

Brooke said...

Target always lets me take the cart in the dressing room in Minnesota. I suggest sending a letter to their head. You may get a policy change, or at least an apology. Heck, maybe even a coupon.

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