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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Super Tuesdays

Marshall's schedule is such that he works 4 twelve-hour night shifts a week. This means that he is home during the day everyday. 4 days of the week, those days are spent sleeping since he was just up all night. But on 3 days, we get daddy awake all day. 2 of those days are the days I go in to work. This is nice because he can spend those days one on one with Carly. He is such a great hands-on daddy!

And Tuesdays are our family's Saturday.
For the past month, we have made a real effort to go out every Tuesday and do something as a family. Usually this starts with my OB appointment where we check on Wes. Then we head over to Denny's for breakfast (I have craved hashbrowns like nothing else this pregnancy). Then we head to some child friendly destination and try to entertain and broaden our daughter's world.

It has been SO. MUCH. FUN! We call it "Super Tuesday." The day may change as our work schedules do, but we hope to always be able to have a super family day once a week.

Here is a recap of the past 4 Super Tuesdays.

April 14th- The Gateway Museum

April 21st- The Tracy Aviary

April 28th- The Dinosaur Museum (Thanksgiving Point)

May 5th- Jump on It (Lindon)


Kim and Devin said...

HOW FUN! Seriously, that looks so awesome.

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