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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

This is why I LOVE my job

This last week has caused me to take a deeper look at my job.

As many of you know, I work as an adoption and birth parent specialist for LDS Family Services. It is I can't think of a word special enough, so I'll just use "special." It can be heart wrenchingly devastating, and sweetly inspiring in the same moment. Every client that comes into my office, whether desperately aching for children, or faced with the uncertainty of an unplanned pregnancy, enters with a prayer in their heart and hope in their eyes; each is there seeking comfort and guidance. I often tell my husband that I feel like I get to go to work in the temple everyday, because the Spirit in my little office is so strong. Indeed, the work I get to do is sacred and holy.

I am so lucky that on some tiny level, I get to be a part of creating forever families. I get to witness the sweetest, most important moments in my clients' lives. I get to hear the first-hand account from an expectant mother of the sweet witness of the Spirit the first time saw "her couple's" profile. I get to witness the moment that a couple who has known the desperation of infertility finds out that they are going to become parents: "The due date is in 7 weeks. Oh, and by the way, it's a girl." I get to be present the first time a couple meets the mother who is carrying the sweet angel that she has chosen to place into their family. I get to watch in silent reverence as a birth mother, a first mother, with more tears and heartbreak than one can comprehend, gently places her precious baby into the aching arms of the woman that she has chosen to be known as "mommy."

Often I find that I feel like an intruder, a voyeur, in these special, private moments. But I remember that ultimately I am privileged to be part of something so sacred. My job is to be a Witness of Miracles.

This explains why I love my job so much more than I ever could:
"So much in my heart"


The UnMighty said...

It sounds like a great job and a great experience.

Ryan and Maranda said...

That is amazing!

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