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Monday, March 10, 2008

LATCH lies

So I bought my car as a college freshman, and one of the things I really wanted was the LATCH system. I thought I might still have that car when I had kids, so I researched LATCH and looked only for cars 2000 and newer. I bought my 2000 dodge in 2002, and was happy that someday I would get to use LATCH and have a safer ride for my future kids.

Well, here I am 6 years later, and we have a baby. We have been using our newer car, and the "old dodge" has been consigned to a spare car. Well, today was its day of glory! I needed to use it with my daughter's carseat. I went to install it, and couldn't find the LATCH bars anywhere. I must have dug around in that seat bight for 15 minutes, until I finally was able to admit that my car DIDN'T HAVE LATCH!! The owners manual confirmed this, and I had to install using the lap belt.

Later, I was talking to my husband about my shock and surprise that my 2000 model car didn't have this feature, and he said simply, "of course." He then reminded me that cars are produced 1 year prior to the year they are named! UGH!!! I'm so Stupid!! So my 2000 was really produced in 1999, 1 year (probably only a couple months) before LATCH was a required safety feature. I've been tricked by fancy car naming, and for 6 whole years!


Bryan and KathrynScott said...

Oh my gosh that is hilarious! We learned what a latch system was when we bought our car seat. But I am not very good about it. I took her to california and when I put her in her car seat we were driving and she started crying I looked over and her whole car seat fell on its side. I need lessons on buckling a baby. by the way this is kathryn I found your blog on naomi's

Patterson said...

Girl! I think you need to come visit! I start working next week so the only day I will be available is Friday. We should do lunch! I miss ya!

Cathy said...

This is great info to know.

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