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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Constantine Black, or perhaps Jack Maroulis?

Okay, I love American Idol. And I think that this season is really great so far. One contestant who has done pretty well is David Cook, but I can't stand to watch the guy sing. I think he pulls some funny faces. Half the time he looks really creepy, like Constantine Maroulis, and the other half he looks funny, like Jack Black. It's like Constantine and Jack had a baby and named him David Cook.

But NO ONE else sees it!!

So tell me what you think:

"Creepy Consantine"

"Deranged Jack Black"

Yeah, yeah, so now you probably all think I'm crazy. Well that's okay. I know that next time you watch David Cook sing, you will be bugged by his close resemblance to Jack Maroulis.


Anonymous said...

Well, first of all, there was nothing creepy about Constantine IMO. He set the standard for how to handle the big Idol stage.

David Cook totally rocks. So what if he got some of his moves from Constantine?

Jack Black is also adorable.

Except for "creepy" comment, I see where you're coming from. :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing creepy about Constantine and it's also quite an honor that other performers tend to copy his moves.

It's also quite an honor that others still, after three years, compare artists to him, including you. He's certainly not forgettable, is he? He's still on your mind.

Ryan and Maranda said...

Wow, that is a really good point! I never saw it until you said it, but you're absolutely right! I'll have to pay more attention when I watch him sing.

Anonymous said...

Constantine is totally HOT! Dont get your creepy comment AT ALL.

And like Constantine, David Cook rocks the stage...

And how flattering for Constantine that after 3 years people still cant get him out of their heads...thats staying power!

Stay Gold Constantine!!!!

Wenona said...

I liked Constantine at first but every week as he 'played' to the camera he finally got on my nerves. If it had gone along with the song it would've been different but.... Too bad because he started out with potential. Since the season ended I haven't thought of him at all until you you mentioned him. Again, too bad he made himself forgettable.

I like David Cook. Although he's not my favorite, I wouldn't be upset if he won.
Really don't 'get' Amanda. Every song she sings sounds the same. Please vote her off!
Michael rocks!!!! And cute little David can sure sing.

Lauren said...

Are half of these Constantine-love posts Russell posting as anonymous?? Huh?? Who else would write "stay gold?" Admit it!! There can't really be THREE Constantine fans in the world OTHER than him! Especially not the coincidence of one of them also being an Outsiders fan. LOL!! jk jk

To the Constantine fans who have flocked to my blog (you would not believe the page hits I have gotten today on my normally quiet blog): I never said anything about him as an artist. He could be Frank Sinatra for all I care, I just think his signature glowering at the camera is creepy. Don't get me wrong, he may be a great singer, and he may have fabulous staying power. He just looks like he is hungry and going to eat me. Have you seen Wolf on American Gladiators? Yeah, like that.

But I'm sure Constantine is glad to have so many fans who have "Constantine" as a daily search on their Google Reader. Kudos.

Anonymous said...

aw..come on ..Constantine isn't creepy. It's just a pic. He's a sweetie!
That's not nice..David is cool too! It's your blog but....sure wish you could see the Constantine I know. :)

Have a nice day!!

The Burke's said...

He is a little creapy but sexy at the same time. I am split between loving him and wanted him off. I am so glad someone is blogging about American Idol. It's on my to-do list. Good to have you back!

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