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My name is Lauren, and I live in the bubble. I am wife to Marshall, the biggest BYU fan in the world; and mother to Carly, our big girl, and Wes, our wild man, and Calvin, our new addition. I graduated BYU with a degree in Social Work, and I went forth to serve at LDS Family Services. I like scrapbooking and going out to eat at nice restaurants. I am fascinated by new cleaning products at the grocery store, so I have to shop in wide circles around the perimeter to avoid the temptation to buy. I love chocolate.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

My kids amuse me

Yesterday I was playing one of those addictive puzzle games on my phone.  And I was failing the same level over and over again.  Wes was watching over my shoulder and said "It's okay Mommy! Failing means you are almost WINNING! Good job failing!"

Tonight for the bedtime story, my kids wanted to read Highlights and do a couple of those pictures where you find the hidden objects.  Carly was sitting there, concentrating so hard, and said under her breath "if I were me, where would I look for that paperclip?"

Conversation overheard between Carly and Wes:
Carly: Which planet is the largest?
Wes: Umm... Jupiter.
Carly: Okay, but which planet is the hottest?
Wes: Venus!

Today in the kitchen Wes was banging pot lids together.  Marshall told him to stop making racket.  Wes told him "But I'm practicing the cymbals!"

Who has been sneaking into my house and secretly teaching my kids?


Malinda Jane Sieg said...

Those kids of yours are so cute! It is amazing what kids pick up!

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