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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Catching up: Pregnancy

Some fun stuff this pregnancy-

While in California in August, Kiernan threw me a beautiful baby shower at my parents' house.  Big thanks to Kier for the shower, and to my parents for all their hard work getting ready and setting up for the shower.  It was a lot of work!

Kiernan's amazing cake! 

Also while in California, Emily offered to do some maternity photos for me.  We went out into the preserve for like 40 minutes, and these were some of the amazing shots she got. (I was huge at 28 weeks!)

She is so talented!  Thank you so much Emily!!

So this pregnancy has been like my others in many ways, and has been different in many ways.

- First, like my others, it has been pretty easy on me.  I don't get a ton of morning sickness, and don't really throw up at all.  I have some cravings and aversions, but nothing terrible.  For the first half of the pregnancy, I could totally be one of those chicks on "I didn't know I was pregnant."

- But unlike my last pregnancies, I have been SOOOO exhausted this pregnancy.  From beginning to end, I have just become more and more tired.  2nd trimester 2nd wind- What's that?

- I have also been sick more this pregnancy.  Not morning sick, because generally it is comes along with my kids being sick too.  Unless that's a new style of contagious morning sickness where the whole house gets the sympathy pukes.  I think it may have to do with being so run down this pregnancy.  My immune system must have checked out.

- I haven't gained much weight this pregnancy.  Or really any.  Maybe like 5lbs on a bloated day, and then it goes away a day or two later.  But I'm HUGE!  All belly out front.  I feel like I look way bigger this time around than I did with either of my other two.
Never mind the costumes- just check out that belly!
- This kid is super strong.  I felt him even earlier than my last pregnancies, and he kicks a lot harder.  It's hard not to notice him.  Sometimes, if I'm typing on the computer and kinda hunched over on him, he'll kick me so hard that it takes my breath away or leaves bruises!

- So yes, New Baby is another BOY!!  Marshall and I were so sure this one was a girl.  So we were in for a big surprise when we went in for our gender ultrasound on July 1st and found out that he is definitely not a girl.  Not that we should have been surprised.  I mean, the pattern in our families is one girl with a bunch of brothers.  So, for now, that pattern continues on.

When we picked up the kids after the ultrasound, Carly raced to the door and asked excitedly what gender the baby was.  We told her she was going to have a new brother, and oh my gosh....the tears!  She was so sad.  Luckily she got over it in about a month.  lol.

On a side note, Carly has been really big into questions this pregnancy.  She understands that the baby is in my tummy and will come out soon.  She loves to feel him kick.  She loves to make up names for him.  She loves to put pillows under her shirt and be "pregnant too."  She loves to sort through baby clothes with me and do the token "awww cute!" squeal.

We have also been talking a lot about how when we're good, the Spirit can live in our hearts, and when we make bad choices, we can't have the Spirit stay with us until we repent.  Carly has somehow entwined this with the pregnancy.  The other day as we were getting into the car, Wes was throwing a fit.  She sternly looked at him and said "Wes! You need to be good or Jesus can't live in your belly anymore!"

- As for names- We have had a very hard time deciding on a name this pregnancy.  That's another way this pregnancy has just been so different.  Usually we just know the name, and it feels absolutely right.  This time around, though, we've wrestled and wrestled because even though we have a list a mile long of names we like, none felt right.

Finally, one day we were going through the baby name book AGAIN just throwing out anything we didn't hate.  And we both mentioned one name that had been on our minds lately.  A kind of variation on one of the original front runner that never felt quite right.  And this name felt right, but it was one we'd never considered.  And not everyone loves it.  So we'll just leave it at that, and you can all find out on Friday!

- Oh yeah, I'm being induced on Friday!!  3 more days!!


sweets said...

congrats on # 3

KarenOjai said...

Now you have to catch up on the catch up post!!! congrats on yet another beautiful son!

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