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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Catching up: Carly

Well, I haven't blogged in forever.  And I'm tired of being nagged to get back on the blog-horse.  So here go the catch-up posts.  I'll start with Carly, since the next post I intended to do was her 4th birthday.

That's right, my little girl is 4 years old!  How does that happen?

Does anyone else remember her this size?

So for Carly's birthday, we were fortunate enough to have all of the extended family come visit.  Her birthday week started off with a dance recital!  We were super excited to have all the grandparents in town to see Carly up on the big stage.

We had been to a rehearsal, but I think that once it was the real deal with all those people in the audience, Carly really wanted to be sure that we saw her.  Well, you can see for yourself:

And that was the number she knew the best, so we were a little worried for the second number.
But it was a success! She at least stayed on the stage.

Next up was her big birthday party.  We had planned to go to the local water park, but it was a cold, cloudy day.  So instead we went to the indoor pool at the hotel where all the grandparents were staying.  Kiernan, my amazing sister-in-law, was here- which means Carly got one amazing party!!  Kiernan is an incredible party planner, and she really went all out with Carly's Tangle-theme party.

Breakfast was served poolside, and Kiernan made yummy braided pastries, and other coordinating pink and purple foods.

We all ate, and played in the pool.

Afterward, we continued the party back at our house with Kiernan's amazing Tangled cake.

And presents.  Lots of those.  Including her first bike!

Carly is an amazing kid.  She is so so smart.  She just blows me away with what she understands and remembers.

Her favorite game is the "riddle game," where she describes an item she is thinking about, and we have to guess using her 3 clues.  Such as "What is really big, gray, and has a long nose?"  Then we guess "Elephant?" and she celebrates and informs us its our turn.  We can play this hours on end, especially in the car.

She is also working on reading.  But don't tell her that.  For some reason, she sighs and gets all annoyed when I try to sit down with her and have her sound out words in a book.  But we often have her guess the spellings of random words throughout the day, since she knows all the letter sounds.  I find that she is easily frustrated and has little patience.  Apple doesn't fall from the tree, huh?

Carly is very artistic.  More than just about anything, she enjoys coloring.  She colors pages and pages every day.  Hours and hours.  We let her hang any pictures she wants on the walls, so our house is papered in her colorful artwork.
Just like her daddy, she is not a big fan of breakfast foods.  Every morning I ask her what she would like for breakfast, and every morning we go through the same list.  Hotdogs?  Nope.  Macaroni?  Nope.  Spaghetti?  No.  Burritos?  No.  Peanut butter sandwich?  ::::sigh:::: Okay...close enough.

Carly is also very confident, outgoing, and social.  She expects that every child she meets will be her friend.  She loves to engage in imaginary play, such as house (she's always the mommy), or puppies.  Sound familiar?

She is a bright, vivacious little girl, and I just can't wait to see what the next year brings!


Kalen's Mommy said...

I love Carly so much! What a great re-cap of the exciting start to her 4th year!

Maranda said...

Thanks for blogging!! Happy Birthday, a while ago, to Carly! She is so cute and so fun. Was she running to you during that dance? I couldn't tell where she went. Too funny! And Keirnan definitely is awesome! I wish I was a great party planner like her, or at least had someone close who was, to do it for me. I'm excited to see more blogs about your family since we don't get to see you in real life anymore. :)

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