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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Putting that sewing machine in its place

I am not great at sewing. My mom is. She majored in it at BYU. I could hardly sew a straight line by the time I left for college. And I didn't have much interest to learn at that point.

But slowly, I have gained more interest. And the more interest I gain, the more I realize just how much I do not know. I can do a straight line around a baby blanket. But a skirt? Scary stuff.

A little over a month ago I was in a fabric store. Just looking. I don't dare buy fabric unless my mom is visiting and can help me accomplish my vision. But while in the shop, I came across the cutest diaper bag I had ever seen. As fate would have it, my diaper bag (that I had been using since Carly was under 1 year old) was just about dead. My heart stopped. Time stood still.

I never considered actually making it. I just wanted to buy the already put-together version displayed in the store. But they wouldn't sell it to me. I begged. Offered large sums of money.

And finally, I bought the pattern.

Too intimidated to even cut out my fabric, the pattern has been sitting sealed on my kitchen counter. Finally, this week, I decided to not let IzzynIvy (design company) terrorize me any longer.

And I started to sew.

After 3 solid days of not doing anything else (my husband can attest to that), I finished my bag this evening. Kids are largely dirty and unfed, dishes are 4 days old in the sink. But I actually MADE that bag! And it didn't turn out too bad.

I ruffled.
I put in a magnet snap.
I basted canvas.
I ironed interfacing.
I zigzagged straps.
I hand stitched.
I bind-ed (bound?) What is the passed tense of put on a binding?
My fingers are poked and bloody.

I believe I can now claim that I can sew.


KarenOjai said...

WOW!!! I am SO Proud!!! now the next question is... Is it live... or is it Memorex? I'll send you the photo I took in the shop... and you see if you can tell the difference.

Love it!

*star said...

Holy poo! I'm impressed!

Wenona said...

Great job Lauren! And I love the pattern....I can see why you wanted it so badly. You should be so proud!

Kalen's Mommy said...

That is the most amazing diaper bag I've ever seen! You are now officially dubbed "Seamstress!" Great work Lauren!

Paige said...

Lauren, that is amazing! I can't even imagine how you made that. I love the fabrics you chose, too. Great job--I need to take lessons from you!

Ryan and Maranda said...

That is AWESOME!! I need to get up the courage to get on my next sewing project.

Breann said...

Good job Lauren! I'm jealous of your skills and I want one of those bags....but I will not attempt one. I will have to beg my mom to make it. :)

Naomi said...

You can do much more than me. I can't even sew a straight line. I LOVE that diaper bag! I want to make one for myself...but it would turn out terribly.

Mom G said...

Paige's Mom in Japan says - That is a beautiful piece of work! And your description of the process is so humorous. Blood, sweat and tears went into it. Thanks to Paige for showing me this!

Lauren said...

Wow everyone! Thanks! I'm so flattered. And still kinda shocked I made it. It's like that feeling after birth when you are staring at your baby thinking "I really made this piece of perfection?" only without all the labor and pushing and all that.

Emily said...

That is so dang cute. I love that bag! you are amazing!

Grandma's Blog said...

I would buy the bag you made and I don't have a baby!!! Good work!

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