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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Birth Control

You thought you wanted (more) kids? Take a while to really make sure. Babies are cute and all, but at some point they reach the age where they can be willfully bad.

And by bad, I mean evil.
And by evil I mean horribly destructive.


Yes, yes, this is the work of my 3.5 year old. The 3.5 year old who knows better. Who REALLY knows better. This wasn't just innocent examination. Not just curiosity.

No, no. This is willful destruction.

QUICK willful destruction. I was only out of the room a couple minutes. And I came back to a near empty keyboard and a pile of keys. As I rounded the corner, she was frantic to claw off as many as she could before I came down on her in my wrath.

I considered for a minute just scrapping the computer entirely. I mean, HOW do you come back from something like that??!! I have put a key or two back before. But 37?? I figured the computer had been rendered useless, and was really really sad I had decided last week that we could last until next black Friday before needing another laptop.

The best part (and strongest proof she's willfully bad), is that when I asked her why she did it her response was "I didn't! Wesley did!" Umm, no he didn't. He was locked in his high chair.

A half hour later, and after some yelling and kid-thrown-in-rooming (hey, I'm not perfect), I was feeling much better.

I did have to sacrifice two keys for the cause though. Which two would you have chosen? I choose the [ and ] keys. I mean, really, how often do you use those? It's not like I sit here doing algebra on my laptop. My emoticon options got a bit slimmer, but at least I can type sentences.

Welcome back, computer! Goodbye desire to ever reproduce ever again!


Emily said...

oh my. what fun I have to look forward to...that's when the child becomes 100% Mike's. hope everything else is great. miss you!

kelly | i know. i'm blushing. said...

hahaha. thanks for the reminder that we're still not ready to start our own brood. :)

The Burke's said...

Lauren, I was just talking about you last night at our ladies get together. Well I was talking about how your kids were putting your credit cards and stuff in the heating grates and how funny and not funny that was. Another great story!!

Noelle said...

I LOVE reading you blog, Lauren! It can always make me smile! You kids make me laugh almost as much as mine does! They are hilarious! I know it doesn't seem funny but hey we all have those things where you go "why, why oh why, did you ever do that?!?!"

AlixSteele said...

I miss Carley already!

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