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Monday, November 29, 2010

The best week of Carly's life

Earlier this month, Carly had quite the week. First, on November 9th, she got to go to Yo Gabba Gabba Live. The tickets were purchased months ago and mom and dad waited in anticipation. The day finally came, and Carly didn't fully grasp why we were so giddy with excitement.

We got to the stadium and she took a while to warm up. She didn't quite understand what we meant when we told her that she was actually going to see the Gabbas in person.

But then the show started, and whoa! did she suddenly understand! It was a room full of dancing, singing parents and toddlers. And Carly was in love. At one point, after the intermission, the Gabbas came out onto the floor seating area, and Toodee gave Carly a high five. She continued on to the stage, and Carly was scrambling over the chairs trying to follow heryelling "I'm coming Toodee!!"

We all loved the party in my tummy number.

Daddy was really excited about Reel Big Fish.

And mommy was impressed to see Biz Markie in person for Biz's Beat of the Day.

Awesome concert!

And just when the week couldn't get any better, Daddy scored some cheap tickets to Disney on Ice. This time, Carly knew how to be appropriately excited from the beginning. Lights! Ice skating! Princesses! The perfect daddy-daughter date.

I'd say it was her best week ever.


The Weed said...

What a lucky duck!

sweets said...

looks like so much fun!

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