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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Little sickies

My kids are whiney, sad little puddles of snot today. And I missed most of it.

I worked today, and when I got home, it was a sad, sad sight. Marshall hurried out the door to go to his work. And I was left with these pitiful monsters.

When I woke up this morning, my throat was a little rough. So I knew it was possible we'd be dealing with sick kids. When I got home, both were faucets of snot, and warm to the touch. Both were hungry, but not wanting to swallow anything. Both were exausted, but wanted to just cry and cry.

So liquid dinner, tylenol, and 1 hour later, my house is quiet. I put my kids to bed at 6:30pm. Never done that before. Almost feel like a mean mom, but they both went so willingly, they must have needed it. So I have a whole evening to myself! Wowwy!

But all I can do is think how cute my kids are and how much I miss the cute, non-sobbing monsters they normally are.

Here are some pictures from yesterday (before the sickly transformation):
I'll just look at pictures of my happy kids until they are returned to me!


Naomi said...

We are all sick at my house as well! Hope we all feel better soon!

sweets said...

I'm sorry your kids are sick. our family had it last week and now it has finely got to dad. I'm dune with sick to.

Sarah loves it all said...

Cute kids-hate it when they're sick! Found you through MMB and dropped by to say hi!

Kim said...

we have it too. Must be going around! The are sure cute though. I love the second picture of them together.

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