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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Eating my words

Remember last fall when I said how "awesome" it would be if all of my couples got babies all at once? Yeah, so, it happened. And now I kinda regret tempting the fates.

Okay, not really. Because I can't be anything but extremely happy for all of these wonderful people whose lives I have been a brief part of. But MY GOODNESS, I am tired. I can't really put into words how overwhelming it has been to do 10 placements and 2 relinquishments in less than 6 months. (A placement is when my client is the adoptive couple; a relinquishment is when my client is the birth mother who is placing her child). I have done 4 of those placements, and 1 of those relinquishments in the last 2 weeks. (2 of those placements while driving to California, relying on my awesome coworkers to step up and help with the in-person parts.)

To give you an idea of why I am complaining, in 2008 I did like 6 or 7 placements ALL YEAR.


So if I have been dodging your phone calls, and playing way too much farmville- it is because I have been too busy to answer the phone, and too overwhelmed typing casenotes and reverting to old collegiate strategies of facebook induced procrastination.

Now that all of those babies are placed, I have to meet with each family a set number of times to supervise the placement before they can finalize. I know each family, and remember their unique placement. But that is a LOT of babies. So I honestly can't really keep all the names straight, as horrible as it sounds. So I have my little trick when I blank on the name of saying "Oh he's so cute! Remind me how you spell the name for my notes." This has backfired lately as the couple looks at me and says flatly "J-A-C-K." Um, yeah, that would be how you spell that name. lol. So really, don't feel bad that I'm absent lately. Everyone is getting it.


Speaking of awesome- that is Carly's newest word. Everything is "Oh! Awesome!" The first time she popped out that phrase, I believe, was Christmas morning while opening the plethora of presents. I need to get it on video, because awesome on a 2-year-old really is awesome!


Alyssa said...

I know you are tired, but I would personally like to thank you for all of your hard work..>We had an Awesome worker with LDS families, and although we never did adopt I have a special place in my heart for those amazing families( and their workers!)

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