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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

5 months

Wes is now 5 months old. In the last month he has gotten a little bigger, a little cuter, and a little more talented.

- Wes can now pass toys shakily from one hand to another.
- He now laughs at funny noises and faces, not just tickling.
- He enjoys sitting up more and more and tries to do mini baby crunches when laying down, though he still can't sit unassisted.
- He tries to use his hands to help hold the bottle, though he can't really do it yet.
- He is about half and half breast fed and formula fed. My supply just keeps going down and down, sadly.
- He actually tries to eat rice cereal, even though his tongue gets in the way and pushes it all out. But at least no more tears!
- He is still the squeal-iest baby of all time. He certainly knows how to express himself.
- I think he'll be army crawling soon. He can push his whole upper body up on his hands, and can push off of things with his feet.
- He is blowing raspberries, which is cute on a baby (not so much on a 2 year old, I'm finding)
- He actually bounces in the bouncer. Boy gets some air! And he loves to try to reach up with both hands to grab the parrot. Such coordination.
Wes was blessed on the 29th of November, when all of our family was in town following Thanksgiving. Marshall did the blessing, and it was wonderful. It was kinda fun to bless a baby so old because Wes was awake and aware throughout the prayer. He knew all of the faces of those who stood in the circle, and was giving smiles. He also spent the majority of the time reaching up and grabbing at Marshall's face- his nose, mouth, and eyes. It was a really sweet moment for our family.


Naomi said...

He has gotten so big! He is adorable! We need to hang out again.

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