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Friday, February 20, 2009

William Wallace?


Almost half of you think that's a good idea? Really??

Okay, fess up. Who voted for it? How much is Marshall paying you?

I figure that there are 3 possible things that could be happening here:
1) Men are voting in my poll. (which is fine, really. just surprising.)
2) Marshall has voted 10 times.
3) Some of you are unfamiliar with who William Wallace is.

Marshall promises he only voted once. He thinks that the voting is directly down gender lines, but I highly doubt I have that many male readers. So I think it is most likely the third option.

So here is a brief and non-factual history lesson:

William Wallace is every little boy's hero.
He is Braveheart.
Mel Gibson.
Marshall wishes he were William Wallace.

To me, naming a child William Wallace is like naming a child Spiderman. Okay, so Spiderman's not a historical figure. How about Albert Einstein. Or Abraham Lincoln.

So if you voted for William Wallace, please, let me know WHY?? Maybe I'm the only one who doesn't get it. Like I said, Marshall has convinced his whole family that this is the best idea ever. But in general I don't trust Marshall's name choices. He wants to name our second son Andrew Andrews and the third Mormon Andrews.

Crazy right? Right??


kelly said...

I went to school with a kid named Benjamin Franklin. Seriously. I always wondered about his parents' thought process on that one.

And Lauren, I'm with you... maybe Marshall shouldn't be given free reign in the naming department. However, that picture of him as Braveheart is AWESOME.

Mary said...

I voted for William Wallace, but in my defense, I indeed am in the third category and had no idea the name had any significance. I would like to officially change my vote. Thank you. :)

bec said...

yeah, I voted William too. I had no idea.

elizajane said...

This is the exact reason why I voted for Wesley! Haha! Braveheart is an awesome movie but not a character to name you child after. Gongrats again guys!

Annie Traynor said...

I also voted for William Wallace. I thought the name sounded familiar but I couldn't figure out why...I've never actually seen Braveheart so that makes sense. That being said, I still vote for William. Don't hate me. And no, Marshall did not pay me to say that.

Naomi said...

I voted "wes" I think William Wallace has too many "l" in it.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, I voted for Wes and I think you should use it!! :)

Jamie Wagner said...

I voted for Wesley too. I didn't even know about the William Wallace thing until your post. I just liked Wesley better.

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