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Saturday, February 28, 2009

A birth mother's story

In my job, I have the wonderful and sacred opportunity to be witness to some of the most sacred moments in people's lives. I don't often talk about these moments and stories because they aren't mine to share, or to write.

I follow one blog, the r house, which is a blog maintained by one of the adoptive mothers I have had a chance to meet. It is one of the premier adoption advocacy blogs out there today, in my opinion. Mrs. R. not only shares her own struggles and joys in her sons' adoption stories, but also uses her blog as a platform for others to share their own stories. I know that for one of my amazing birth mothers in particular, this blog was a pillar of strength and a resource for peace while preparing to place her own son last year.

Currently on the r house, Mrs. R. has a guest blogger, Andee, who is sharing her story. It is told in 2 parts, and I will link both.

This is a very honest and emotional account of one unique adoption story. But it rings with such eternal truth. In many places, it could be the same words from the mouths of each of my own birth mother clients. The love Andee has for her daughter, the tough decisions she had to make, and the heartbreaking sacrifice have all been true of every case I have handled.

This is the story that I wish I could share with everyone, but that I do not have the rights to. So please, visit the r house this week. And read Andee's story. It will give you insight into these wonderful, selfless women. And explain a little more the sacred moments I get to witness.


In other adoption news, LDSFS is redesigning its website The old website you can view as linked. The new site will eventually replace the current site at that URL. But since it is not yet published, you can view the new site at

The new site has a lot of really neat features, more current information and testimonials, and better adoptive couple profiles. Many of my couples are now published on this beta site, and soon hopefully all of our couples will have made the transition over. You can search these profiles if you would like. But the main thing to check out, IMO, is definitely the different resources and birth parent stories. And keep this website handy if you run into someone who is single and pregnant and looking for information about their options. This site covers much more than just adoption.


Brandon and Lindsey B said...

Oh my goodness I cried the entire time I was reading that post. Thanks for sharing!

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