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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where were you 7 years ago?

I was getting ready for early morning seminary watching the 6am news. I saw footage of the first tower hit as I was tying my shoe laces. I still remember what shoes I was wearing. But no one knew it was an attack yet, just an accident. I got into my friend's car for the ride to church, and she turned channel to channel on the radio trying to get anything but the news. But all we heard about was the world trade center, and that's when I heard that the second tower had been hit. Our seminary principal was crying when he came in to tell our class. We didn't have a lesson that day. At the high school (I was a senior) my first class was american government, and the teacher didn't believe us that something monumental had happened. He hadn't heard and wanted to continue on the normal lesson. I got up and left his class and went home to spend the day with my mom and watched the footage over and over and over again. I was in shock.

My husband was in the MTC. THAT'S a bizarre place to be when huge news They were told what happened, but were never shown any footage, and they just continued with classes as normal. They did get to listen to the church fireside later that week. But even now, he has never actually seen the footage of the towers falling. He felt like he was sheltered from those images and refuses to watch them now.


Mr. Andrews said...

I was in Norway, coming back to the apartment for dinner. Our landlady met my mission companion and I on our way in and told us that something terrible was happening back in the States. The full impact didn't hit until I checked our phone messages and had several hysterical calls. It was strange to be so far removed from the situation, but instantly recognizable as an American to everyone around.

*star said...

I was getting ready for school, dancing around to Phil Collins when Stormie banged on my door with the news. I remember jerking on the first clothes I could put my hands on and running up the stairs. When I saw the footage, I thought, "I'm watching America be pulled into another world war!" Later that day, my drama coach told us that there wasn't anything he could teach us that was more important than what was happening on television. We watched all day.

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