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Friday, September 19, 2008

State Fair

Last weekend we went to the Utah State Fair. We got there in the evening, and one of our first goals was to get to the little hands farm. On the way, we had an accident. Carly was sitting on daddy's lap and all of the sudden, Daddy was a little upset and a little wet. We are still in diapers, so it was pretty bizarre. I guess the diaper wasn't on quite right. You can see how wet daddy got, so you can probably imagine how wet her pants were. She spent the rest of the evening pantless. Poor cold baby.
The little hands farm was fun. Carly got to dress up and carry a basket around learning different farm tasks like feeding animals, planting and harvesting veggies, and milking a cow.

Carly was pretty afraid of the giant plastic cow she was supposed to feed and milk. She wouldn't let daddy get too close to it.
At the end, they got to take a picture as a Future Farmer of America. Too cute.
After that, it started to get cold, and out little pants-less baby looked pathetic. So we decided to buy an alpaca poncho. She walked around in this 15 dollar poncho without pants for the rest of the night. We looked so white trash. lol.
Throughout the day, Carly got to meet lots of different animals. We started at the pony ride first thing. We waited in line for 20 minutes and then it was her turn to ride a pony while daddy walked next to her. She was terrified. She was having nothing to do with that horse.
So we decided to start small and work our way up. Here's Carly with the chickens. She was fine because she was bigger than them. Well, she was actually about the same size as this one. It was the huge monster chicken.
Then we made friends with the ducks.
The first animal Carly was willing to pet was the piggy. And it was only because we convinced her that the piggy had ears. She loves to point out ears: her own, ours, strangers', ears on tv. Now she knows that pigs have ears.
Then we hit the jackpot. Carly loves sheep. Who would have guessed. She didn't want to be held anymore at this point. So we let her walk around and we just followed behind as she went from pen to pen saying hi to the sheep.

Then we moved on to the cows. We started with a calf.
Then a momma cow.
Then this giant freak of a cow. It was so big Carly was signing elephant. We told her she was right.


Tara said...

CUTE pictures!! Your daughter has the big, beautiful eyes!
Lauren, we are working with Liz at the Colton agency. Thanks for asking! (We have just our physicals left and a new Bishop's letter.) After that we would LOVE it if you would help spread the word about us. That would be awesome!

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