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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Some things are better left unsaid.

Carly, as a 'superhero.' Every once in a while, she insists she's a 'supervillain' instead.

Carly is currently sitting in timeout.

I told her she could come out once she can explain what she did, and can say she won't do it again. (I put her in timeout because she had gotten into a box of photos that is off limits for the second time in an hour. The first time, she got a warning.)

So she is sitting over in timeout calling out all the bad things she did today, trying to absolve herself so I'll let her out. She has yet to mention the photos. The crime obviously is having a hard time sticking with her as an important concern. So I'll let her sit there a little longer.

Plus, this is pretty informative.

"I colored on the TV with marker!"
"I pushed Wes down!"
"I took the milk out of the fridge!"
"I pushed Wes into the door!"
"I hit Wes with the sword!"
"I ate all of Wes' pretzels!"
"I pushed Wes off the chair!"
"I kicked Wes in back!"
"I hit Wes with a shoe!"
"I broke the baby gate!"
"I stole your weminems (m&m's)!"
"I threw your phone at Wes!"
"I put all your necklaces on the floor!"
"I hit Wes with the remote!"

Apparently there is a lot going on around here I am missing! Also, Carly cracks under pressure.

Also, Wes is a rockstar. He hasn't cried at all today. It never ceases to amaze me he has survived this long.


Jessica Crews said...

awesome!!! kids are so funny! Wes is an amazing boy...he can really take a beating. lol

Alyssa said...

great laugh! Max always admits to much more than I know when he is in trouble too! Love the sneaky smile pic to go with it :)

Paige said...

So funny! You've met your match with her! Oh, and she makes an adorable superhero. :)

bec said...

oh wow that's funny

Wenona said...

So funny! Thanks for a good laugh!

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