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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More cabin trip

Other things we did while in CA:

- We watched Kalen for a day and practiced being a family of 5. I discovered that 3 kids is more than 2. Amazing revelation, huh? We took the kids on a long walk to a park and let them play on the playground and the swings.

- We visited Marshall's family cabin by Tahoe. It is actually at Echo lake. We, okay I was so excited to go fishing! I drug Marshall and Kier out of bed at a disgusting hour the first morning and we went to the lake. 3 hours later we returned home, having just caught trees and rocks, and having nothing but a bunch of broken line to show. Marshall told me that for the last 6 years when I have wistfully dreamed of fishing, he has cringed and pictured exactly our experience- sunburns, boredom, and no fish. Although my big fishing vacation yielded NO fish, I still have fond feelings for fishing. I hear you need to be in a boat to actually catch anything, so we'll try that next time. And I think (hope) that actually reeling one in makes up for the boring hours.

We stayed at the cabin for 3 days. Those 3 days were full of great food, boardgames, Uno, and mega s'mores. It was awesome! This was Wes' first trip to the cabin, and the first time Carly has been since she was just weeks old. The kids had a great time! We were there over the 4th and got to see 6 or 7 fireworks shows on the shoreline of Tahoe from the cabin. By the 3rd day, the kids were filthy, so we bathed them in a makeshift bathtub.

- Back in Rocklin, we took the kids to the splashpark. My kids hated it. Kalen loved it.

- We also picnicked at the Sacramento temple. This temple has beautiful grounds. There is a large wooded park area full of lush grass, shade, and picnic benches. Carly caught a frog, and Kalen and Wes got in a brawl over a binky. Wes ended up in the mud.

It was a lovely trip!


sweets said...

so much fun!

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