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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

10 months

Wes turned 10 months old last week.

- He is now standing independently. He can let go of the furniture while cruising to just stand and play with a toy unsupported. But although he has great balance, he will not yet take a step. It's a fear thing, not an ability thing. He'll try it any day now, and never look back.

- His hair has begun to curl. This was about when Carly's started to curl. I'm so anxious to see how it turns out!

- We still only have 2 teeth. There are little bulges where his fangs would be on top, but they haven't cut. But it sure would be cute to see a baby missing the inner 4 with full fangs!

- He is loving food. All food. I can't eat anything without him chasing me around begging for some. This is especially frustrating for him (and me) because I can't just share most of what I eat due to his dairy allergy.

- His skin has completely cleared up! Dr. must have been right... take out the dairy and he is sleeping even better, is basically not fussy at all, and no longer has that horrible rash that has plagued him the last 4 months.

- Wes has started to have watered down juice in a sippy. We are working on having him hold it himself, and if we get him set up, he's good.

- Wes is so funny with his binky. He's not a super addict who fusses if he loses it. But he sure likes it. By this age, Carly could care less about hers. Wes uses his like a toy. He is constantly taking it out, setting it down, picking it up, examining it, turning it the right direction, and putting it back in his mouth. Like the way an adult fiddles and checks with a cell phone.

- Wes is still very ticklish. Especially under his chin. It is so fun to sit and tickle him when he's in a good mood. He even laughs at the anticipation when my hand gets near his belly or neck.

- Wes is starting to get into everything. The toilet, the trash, the dishwasher. If it's left open- he's into it. I am having to revisit baby proofing.

- Wes makes some funny sounds. He, for the last few months, has this funny cry when he's whining and wants something. It is multi-tonal "oooo!" Like a harmonica. He can get at least 3 tones in his whine. Now, he has added pig "gobbles" to his repertoire. Not inward snorting... but like eating air. That's the best way I can describe it. He loves to do this and then wait and smile while waiting for me to do it back. Too cute.

- We are working on signing, but so far no progress. Though he does clap, kiss, and high five on command. We didn't even start Carly on signing until she was 13 months, so I am not worried. Just looking forward to being able to communicate.


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