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Monday, November 02, 2009

I love to see the temple

Sunday, the lessons at church in our ward were about the temple. Some of it must have stuck with Carly because she told us after church that "we are going to go to the temple!" Marshall and I tossed around the idea of picnicking on the temple grounds, then fell into our after church naps. Carly came and found me after a while and inquired again if we were going to go see the temple. I told her that daddy was sleeping, so I didn't think he wanted to go anymore. She left and walked into the living room. I followed and watched as she climbed up on the couch, on top of sleeping Marshall, and said "Daddy, you wake and go to the temple with me. Please daddy. We go see temple."

Who could say no to that?

So we made some pasta and went to the temple for a picnic.
It was a lot of fun to spread out our blanket on the temple grounds and eat our dinner. It wasn't fancy, but the warm pasta was good on the cold fall afternoon.

Eventually Carly just started playing with the forks.
But Marshall improvised.Carly loved pointing out the pretty temple. After a while she wanted to go get a better look.
She and Daddy played a game of chase around the fountain.
Marshall told her to go knock on the door and say "trick-or-treat" to get some candy. She totally believed him. Guess I'm not the only gullible one in this family.
It was a wonderful afternoon.
The whole way home, Carly sang "I love to see the temple, I love to see the temple" over and over again. Marshall and I actually attended the temple this morning as a couple. When we got home, Carly greeted us at the door saying "okay, now I go to temple too!" What a good little influence we have!


sweets said...

wow what kids learn and say. go carly.

Jessica said...

pics, she is turning into such a cutie!

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