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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby Crack

Yoooooo Gabba Gabba!

Nothing is more enthralling to a toddler than DJ Lance Rock and the gang. And honestly, it's not that bad from a parent's perspective. Some, okay a LOT, of the other children's' shows make me want to punch myself in the face after an hour straight.

But I actually like Yo Gabba Gabba. Cool songs, unique beats, good lessons aimed at young kids, and awesome guests. I mean, they've had Sugarland, Biz Markie, and Tony Hawk. And I think they even had Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite.

And the most important thing- Carly loves it. She'll stop whatever she is doing (often a tantrum) and just... Stare. Melt. Drool. Literally. We have wet spots on the couch pillows from her ultimate zoned-out-ness.

Sometimes we wonder if she really even catches any of the themes because she seems so zombied. But apparently some of it does get through. The show has songs about not eating food from the ground, holding hands while crossing the street, trying new foods, and not biting your friends.

In the one about not biting, the song goes "Don't, don't, don't bite your friends!" See if you can guess what the refrain is:

This was taken candidly while driving home from Christmas. We heard this little voice from the back seat and couldn't believe that she was singing to herself. And a song we recognized! One we didn't teach her! We were quite proud.


kel said...

Hey! My niece was in an early episode of Yo Gabba Gabba--the creators are Mormon and used to be in my sister's stake in LA. My niece is the red-head in the episode called "Cars" or something like that. There's a song from that episode that goes, "Keep trying, keep trying, don't give up (no way!) never give up (no way!)," and it's weird how often that song gets stuck in my head. I love that Carly is singing the "don't bite your friends" song. Freakin' adorable and pretty funny. (Side note: I told Bryant that you blogged about Yo Gabba Gabba as I was reading your post, and just as I was typing out this comment, I heard him from across the room singing "don't give up, never give up" under his breath.)

Lauren said...

Does your niece have curly red hair? We watched an episode today that I was pretty sure was called the cars episode, and I noticed the kid with TONS of curly red hair and wondered aloud to Marshall if Carly's would look like that when it was longer.

The Burke's said...

I have watched that show before too and it's really good. Andrei met the main guy (who's not in costume) somewhere down in LA on the street and he gave him a free YoGabbaGabba shirt.

kel said...

How funny! That IS my niece! An insane amount of red, curly hair. You should see it now. It's gotten so long over the past year. I think Carly's hair has tighter ringlets than Kate's, but it might've been pretty similar when it was shorter... um... I'm having a hard time remembering now. Anyway, Carly's hair is awesome. I hope it keeps its curl and color.

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