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Friday, September 01, 2006

Russ' (Ex)Wife?

so some of you are probably confused. i thought i should probably address bryant's creative naming of my blog.

when marshall and i went to get our temple recommends when we were engaged, the bishop put russ' member number on marshall's recommend. this wasn't caught until we moved into our new ward as newlyweds and marshall tried to transfer his records in, and russ' showed up instead. understandably, the bishop was concerned and called us into his office. we determined that the mistake meant that my member number was married to russ' member number. the bishop gave marshall a new recommend with his real number and had to contact salt lake to fix the marriage record. hence, i am russ' ex wife.

the biggest lesson learned in my short marriage to russ would have to be to not get engaged to a guy who lives in the same ward as his twin. life is confusing enough without all that mess.

oh, and we probably shouldn't live in the same ward as russ in the future. i can only imagine him being listed as my children's father on baptism and blessing records...


bec said...

that is a really funny story! I'm glad you explained, I was definitely confused by that blog title.

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