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Friday, July 23, 2010

One year older, and wiser too

Okay, maybe not wiser. But I did have a birthday last week.

I am now the big 2-6. For some reason, 26 doesn't feel old, just normal. Like I was already 26. I think 27 will feel old. Just like how 25 felt 'old,' and 23 before that. But 26 feels insignificant.

Without further ado, my birthday:

I got the camera out and tried to get a self portrait. I figured that I am usually behind the camera, but should at least have a picture proving I'm in this family too on my birthday. Wes was more interested in the camera strap.

Then we left to go to dinner. Carly refused to get in the car and instead got in the tree, providing an impromptu photo op.

Then we went to my favorite restaurant, Tepanyaki. The show is fun and all that, but I love the food. Soooo good. I got my usual, an unagi roll (eel) for my sushi, and then the filet minon and shrimp with fried rice from the hibachi grill. Yum Yum!

Carly loves the fried noodles and the salad. Wes is a fan of the rice. They both hated the flames when the chef set the grill top on fire. Wes even cried. Too bad I didn't think to get a picture of his reaction. Too cute.

We then headed home for cake. I got two cakes this year. Fantastic!

If you ever buy these candles, let me know if you get them all lit in time. I can't imagine there is a way to light them all before the first ones burn out and wax all over hte cake.

Here's to being 26!


joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Paige said...

Happy belated birthday! Sorry I didn't know about it! I'm glad you had a great day with your cute family. Just wait 'til you get closer to 30 like I am--it just gets depressing. :)

sweets said...

happy birthday!

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